Shipping/ Return Policy

The Fulfillment Processing Steps

  • You pay for your order
  • You will receive an Order Confirmation Email
  • Processing will start right you receive you confirmation email. Processing time is an estimate of 3-5 business days. Business days exclude weekends and holidays. Ordering during sales or holidays can extend the period for an added 1-5 days delay plus the estimated processing time.
  • After the processing period is over, your shipping label will be created and your order will be shipped out within 5 business days unless you have a customized order then it will be within 2 weeks business days.
  • You will receive an Order Fulfillment email. Your tracking number will be inside this email.
  • Your package is shipped. Once shipped, your order is in the hands of the postal service there for your order is not our responsibility. You can use our track your order page to find out where your order is and if you have any problems such as lost or stolen then you will have to contact your local postal service.


  • Estimated 3-5 business days excluding weekends and holidays


  • Up to 5 business days estimated after processing for shipping
  • Up to 2 weeks business days estimated after processing for customized orders
  • This time does not include the estimated processing period
  • Expect delays during sales periods & holidays. (1-5 day delay) 


  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the nature of this product, refunds will not be issued. What is the nature of this product? Hair extensions. Hair extensions cannot be resold after being handled or worn by the buyer. For this reason, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 


  • Once your order has left our facility and you've received a tracking number, will are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. You will have to contact your local postal service with the tracking number provided to get more information on your order.